We can help you with all of your maintenance needs: Alignments, Tune ups, Oil changes, Brake pads and rotors, Wheels and suspension, Replace the air filter, fuel filter, cabin or a/c filter, spark plugs, Check level and refill brake fluid/clutch fluid, Brake pads/Liners, Brake discs/Drums, and replace if worn out, Check Coolant Hoses and the charging systems. Check the battery, Check level and refill power steering fluid, Check level and refill Automatic/Manual Transmission Fluid, Grease and lubricate components, Inspect and replace the timing belt or timing chain if needed, Check condition of the tires, Check for proper operation of all lights, wipers and check for any error codes and take corrective action.


We offer engine tune up and brake services. We replace pads, rotors and do a road test. We also offer anti-lock brake system service.


We offer transmission service. We drain the old fluid and replace transmission filter and gasket.


We offer wheel & suspension services for your hub bearings, shocks, struts, tie rod, control arms, lower and upper ball joints, as well as, front and rear alignments. ​